Psychology courses, what are the college psychology courses? ,Psychology Course Training Class

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about psychology courses, so I have compiled a related answer to introduce psychology courses, Let's take a look. What are the undergraduate courses in psychology? What are the undergraduate courses in psychology? The courses of psychology majors in universities include general psychology, experimental psychology, psychostatistics, psychometrics, physiological psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology. 1. General psychology The research scope includes the theoretical principles and methods of psychology, the basic principles of psychological processes, psychological states and personality psychological characteristics. It not only summarizes the research results of each branch of psychology, but also serves as the general knowledge and theoretical basis of each branch of psychology. It is a basic, introductory psychology and the backbone of psychology. 2. Experimental Psychology "Experimental Psychology" is one of the most important basic courses for psychology majors. It is of great significance to the formation of students' psychology research ideas and the study of subsequent courses. The teaching and learning of the course are divided into two parts: theoretical class and experimental class. Generally, there are two class hours per week. Theory and experiment complement each other and are taught synchronously. Experimental psychology is a subject that studies human psychological phenomena and behavioral laws with scientific experimental methods, and is an indispensable subject in psychology teaching and scientific research. 3. Psychostatistics Psychostatistics is a branch of applied statistics. Applications of mathematical statistics to psychology. Study how to collect, organize and analyze numerical data in psychological experiments or surveys, and how to make scientific inferences based on the information conveyed by these data. As an effective tool for psychological research, its content can be divided into three parts: descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and experimental design according to its purpose and function. 4. Psychometric measurement Psychometric measurement is the measurement, analysis and evaluation of specific qualities of people through scientific, objective and standard measurement means. The so-called quality here refers to those personal characteristics such as perception, skill, ability, temperament, personality, interest, motivation, etc. that are required or related to the completion of a specific job or activity. They complete the job or activity with a certain quality and speed. necessary basis. Turn left|Turn right 5. Physiological psychology Physiological psychology is an important part of psychological research. It explores the physiological basis of mental activities and the mechanism of the brain. Its research includes the evolution of the brain and behavior; the anatomy and development of the brain and its relationship with behavior; the neural processes and neural mechanisms of psychological phenomena and behaviors such as cognition, motor control, motivational behavior, emotion and mental disorders. 6. Personality psychology Personality psychology is one of the branches of psychology, which can be simply defined as the psychology that studies a person's unique behavior patterns. Personality psychologists study the constituent traits of personality and their formation in anticipation of its influence on shaping human behavior and life events. 7. Social psychology Social psychology studies the occurrence and change of psychology and behavior of individuals and groups in social interaction. Social psychology explores human relationships at the individual level and at the level of social groups. The content of research at the individual level includes: individual socialization process, communication, language development, partners, family and living environment, and the influence of school on individuals. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the psychology course. I hope that the one-point answer about the psychology course will be useful to everyone.

Psychology courses, what are the college psychology courses? ,Psychology Course Training Class

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