quarterlies—are published almost entirely in the free

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20.Hejustlywonthehighplacesogenerallyaccordedhim,byhislearning,hisintegrity,andhismarvelouseloquence 。

20. He justly won the high place so generally accorded him, by his learning, his integrity, and his marvelous eloquence.

quarterlies—are published almost entirely in the free

21. In acting successfully as counsel for the three men who were accused of piracy in Halifax, he received a well earned fee, which was the largest that had ever been paid to a Massachusetts lawyer.

quarterlies—are published almost entirely in the free

22. Like James A. Garfield, he kept up a lively interest in classical studies during his entire professional career.

quarterlies—are published almost entirely in the free

23. James Otis married Miss Ruth Cunningham, daughter of a Boston merchant, early in 1755.

24. The marriage was not in all respects a happy one, partly on account of political differences. While he became an ardent patriot, she remained a staunch loyalist until her death on Nov. 15, 1789.

25. Another reason for the want of complete domestic felicity was the peculiar character of his genius, which, so often glowing, excitable and irregular, must have frequently demanded a home forbearance almost miraculous.

26. The elder daughter, Elizabeth, married a Captain Brown of the British army, and ended her days in England. 27. The younger daughter, Mary, married Benjamin, the eldest son of the distinguished General Lincoln.

28. In 1761, when he was thirty-six years of age his great political career began, by his determined opposition to the "Writs of Assistance."

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