Marco Polo, how to play Marco Polo with zero foundation? , Marco Polo's new skin special effects

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Helloeveryone,todaytheeditorhaspaidattentiontoamoreinterestingtopic,whichisthequestionaboutMarcoPolo 。
Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about Marco Polo, so the editor has compiled a related introduction to Marco Polo's answer, let Let's see it together. How to play Marco Polo with zero foundation? How to play Marco Polo with zero foundation? Marco Polo is a very powerful marksman hero, but for beginners, mastering his skills may take some time and patience. Here are a few suggestions to help you play Marco Polo well with zero foundation: 1. Get familiar with Marco Polo's skills: Marco Polo's skills are very important, and you need to be familiar with the function and usage of each skill. It is recommended to learn his passive skill "True Damage" first. This skill allows him to cause additional real damage when attacking and improve his output ability. 2. Grasp the position of Marco Polo: Marco Polo is a shooter hero and needs to stand in a safe position to attack. In team battles, you can stand in the back row to output and avoid being besieged by enemy heroes. In heads-up, you can use grass and other terrain to hide and increase your survivability. 3. Learn to use Marco Polo's skills reasonably: Marco Polo's skills can provide additional damage and control effects, and need to be used reasonably. For example, when attacking, you can use "one skill" for long-range attack, and then use "second skill" to slow down the enemy and increase the output ability. 4. Pay attention to Marco Polo's equipment selection: Marco Polo's equipment selection is also very important, and you need to choose according to your own game style and the opponent's situation. Generally speaking, you can choose some equipment that increases attack power and survivability, such as "Dawn", "Red Lotus Cloak" and so on. 5. Practice Marco Polo's position: Marco Polo's position is very important and requires constant practice. You can learn positioning skills and improve your operation level by watching game videos or referring to the operations of masters. In short, playing Marco Polo well with zero foundation requires continuous practice and learning to master his skills and characteristics in order to play his fullest potential in the game. The tutorial is as follows 1. Every time Marco Polo’s skill bullet hits the enemy, 10 points of energy will be restored, and the passive layer will reach 10 layers (each bullet of Marco Polo’s minion can stack 5 passive layers), and 30 points of energy will be restored, so when the energy is insufficient Sometimes using a skill to sweep minions can restore energy the fastest. 2. Before getting close to the grass, you must use a skill to shoot first. Every time the bullet hits the enemy, you can recover 10 points of energy, which can be used to judge whether there are enemies ambushing in the grass. 3. If you have already used the first skill and have to approach the grass, you should slow down a little, use your second skill passive effect to judge whether there is an enemy ambushing in the grass (when there is an enemy hero within 500 yards, the damage can be increased and movement speed, so when confronting melee heroes, try to keep the distance within 500 yards. At the same time, there will be halos on the soles of the feet, which can also be used to detect Ake, King Lanling and Guiguzi who are in stealth. When there is no bush, it is impossible to judge which bush the enemy is in). 4. One of the core ideas of playing Marco Polo well is to use the attack distance advantage of the first skill to kite the enemy. Unless the economy is crushed, Marco Polo can't stand up to heroes such as Hou Yi when standing up close, so he can only use the first skill to open the distance Attack distance advantage to fight. 5. If you want to play Marco Polo well, the key is to move flexibly and use skills to avoid damage and control. For example, when facing Daji, you can use the second skill + big move to move when Daji is playing 2-3-1. You can avoid the damage of one of the skills; for another example, when facing Angela, since Angela's three skills are all non-directional straight-line skills, you can move to avoid damage and control first, and then output. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about Marco Polo. I hope that the one-point answer about Marco Polo will be useful to everyone.

Marco Polo, how to play Marco Polo with zero foundation? , Marco Polo's new skin special effects

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